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Christopher Heyerdahl Andromeda Gallery,
episode 3x18, "Deep Midnight's Voice"

Christopher Heyerdahl plays Gaiton - the only Nietzschean ever to be seen filing his boneblades.

Heyerdahl as Gaiton, 35 kb
Gaiton, post-punch, 33 kb
 118 kb
 106 kb
 78 kb
 92 kb
 111 kb
 85 kb
 109 kb

The day I Punched Chris Heyerdahl in the Nose
04-22-2003 03:03 AM

(Posted on Keith Hamilton Cobb's forum which is now off-line)

For real! We were trying to tape that jail cell interrogation scene. I didn't see the final cut of the episode. Is that scene even still in there? The one where Tyr pops Gaiton three or four times in the face. Well...he took one right on the snoot. And ya know, it was one of those moments where everybody waits in silence to see if he's gonna fall over and die and we need to call the paramedics, or he's gonna shake it off like a trooper and move on. And what do you say? The guy's lookin' up at me, his eyes are all teared up, not because he's cryin', but he just took a big ol' boney fist in his nose. And I'm like, "Sorry." I wanted to grab his face and kiss it better, but I wasn't sure how he'd take it. Anyway, what a hero! We did the whole scene again twice after that. If it had been me in his place, I'd have been like, "this dude just clocked me in the nose and here he is gettin' ready to do it again, and I gotta sit here and take it." I would have been totally gunshy at that point and they never would have gotten the scene. But he was too cool. He never flinched. He was the right actor for the role and it was my great pleasure to work with him.

I'm sure ya'll didn't see the uncut feral Nietszchean scene. Chris and I and the director, Allan Harmon, took great pains to find the beats and make the killing as Nietszchean specific and ungeneric as possible. But then, Dylan Bierk and I took great pains to find the beats and make the, ahem, "lovemaking" as Nietszchean specific and ungeneric as possible. Apparently, about a third of each was "suitable" for saturday afternoon random viewing.

Onward! Let's go kick those kids out of THAT sandbox over there!!

Bless'd Be!

14 November 2011

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