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Chris Heyerdahl - What Others Say About Him

Amanda Tapping

Excerpt - as reported by 'Play It Grand' on WormholeRiders.com
at the 2009 Vancouver Stargate convention:

"Its really funny, because Im just going to reveal something really silly. I, Amanda, love working with Chris Heyerdahl.

Hes a wonderful actor. And hes so easy to fall in love with, like its so easy for Helen to fall in love with Druitt, because its Chris playing him and he plays him so beautifully and its so intense and its so swooning, I guess it the best word) whaaaaaa.

And Martin [Wood], every time he sees me sort of going that way where Helen is like dreamily starring up at Chris Heyerdahl), he keeps coming up to me and going, `Amanda, hes a mass murderer! He killed women! (Bopping herself on the head) `Ah, oh, yeah, yeah!

But hes the great love of Helens life. Hes her first love. This is passion at its finest and its transcended time and now, a hundred plus years later, here they are and he still makes her heart skip a beat. And Martin is like, `He killed women!

So every time Chris and I have these moments, and of course were shooting right now so Helen and Druitt have had some pretty intense moments, well be looking at each other, and Chris will go (dropping her voice to make it sound like his) `Remember Ive killed women. So its kind of become a joke on our set. I cant even look at Chris without him going, (takes her index fingers and makes an `x over her eye) `Ive killed women. Yep. So now Martin is embarrassed that he said that, but . . . (whispers) hes killed women! Its like haunting me."

David Hewlett

From the David Hewlett interview on the SciFiAustralia blog, July 30 2009

Captain: Its quite the trip for Stargate Atlantis fans to see Todd the Wraith (Chris Heyerdahl) as Bigfoot on Sanctuary!

David Hewlett (laughs): I made the mistake of asking Chris once on Stargate Atlantis what is it with you and prosthetics? and then he listed off all the parts that hed been doing and it turned out hes actually worked more than all of us on the show.


The Twilight Superfan

May 8 and 9, a Twilight superfan was lucky enough to visit the set of New Moon in Vancouver

And she was kind enough to share the experience with other fans, writing a New Moon set visit report She was even able to meet Chris, and here's what she wrote about him:

"Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus is also tall, with wavy dark hair, wearing a textured, gray and maroon robe and scarf; he had been in the tent reading most of the time."

"Heyerdahl, who plays Marcus, comes over and talks to us. He's quite intimidating and insanely tall with a stately profile, even though he's wearing corduroy slippers with his costume. He's friendly, asking us where we're from. Chris says he loves his hair and makeup: "They've done a beautiful job with it." He tells us that he's unfortunately not going to do any filming in Italy."

'Filming in progress on trails' sign, 223 kb In her report she mentions actors dressed in black, with red contact lenses and an eerie white vampire makeup, so I guess we now have an idea how Marcus will look.

I visited Vancouver May 6 to 15 - this is as close as I got to the set ;-)

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