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Convention news for October 2012

In October 2012, Chris will be raking in the air miles!
He's doing 3 conventions - one in London, one in Melbourne and one in Auckland.
Please go to the convention page for more details.
Added August 24, 2012

2011 November 2

Interview: Chris is Team Volturi!
The clip is dated June 4, 2010, but Google served to me today.

I've also added a clip on the interview page where Chris speaks French and a clip of Chris and Ryan Robbins on Vancouver talk show Urban Rush.

ChristopherHeyerdahl.com to become official site

2011 October 19

Exciting news!
Christopher Heyerdahl and his management will turn ChristopherHeyerdahl.com into Chris' official website, hopefully adding lots of behind the scenes content.

Meanwhile the fan site will move to cheyerdahl.com. The new site is active, but the content hasn't been moved yet. Who knows - maybe a little redesign could happen too...

Sanctuary – Series 3 exclusively on Watch

2011 July 22

The second half of series three of Sci-fi hit Sanctuary roars back exclusively onto Watch each Tuesday at 9pm (from June 7th) with more monsters and explosive action.
You can find Watch on Sky 109 and Virgin Media 124.

Featuring Stargate's Amanda Tapping as 158-year-old Dr Helen Magnus, head of a secret group of some of the 19th century's most experimental minds (including Nikola Tesla and Dr James Watson) who has crossed the boundaries of time to patrol the streets, she offers help and sanctuary to monsters and beasts that are found on the streets and in dark corners, and aren't accepted by human society.

Along with her own century-and-a-half's worth of experience, Magnus has gathered around her an expert team of 'abnormal' hunters - there's reluctant protégé Will, her reckless daughter Ashley, geeky Henry and a taciturn Neanderthal-like abnormal they call Big Guy.

Sanctuary season 3 US DVD and blu-ray release: September 13.
Sanctuary season 3 UK DVD release: September 26.

Added a page with interviews with Chris

2010 July 3 - VRO interview July 7th

The VRO will do an interview with Chris on July 7.
You can post questions for Chris on their Forum

2010 January 27 - Really cool interview

TwilightLexicon.com did a great interview with Chris at the Twilight convention in Miami, January 2010 - go read the interview part 1

2009 December 11 - LOTS of convention listings

Chris will be doing A LOT of conventions in 2010

2009 August 10 - Pictures from Shore Leave

Added a new page, Shore Leave Gallery

The rumors of nekkid volturi in a bath house scene were false - sorry if anyone got their hopes up ;-)
The most you can see of Chris is in Kingdom Hospital, where he's wearing only a loincloth.
Or if you prefer the other side, in his episode of Saved, he runs around the ER dressed only in a hospital gown ...

2009 July 28 - Picture of the Volturi

Michael Sheen as Aro, Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius, Dakota Fanning ass Jane and Cameron Bright as Alec

Chris Heyerdahl will be at Chicago Comic-Con, August 8-9, 2009, signing for Celebrity Authentics at the Celebrity Authentics Autograph Pavilion.
Looks like the advance ordering is sold out, so better get there early.

Added a new page, What Others Say About Chris

2009 July 26 - Finally added a LEO gallery

Chris Heyerdahl and me at the LEOs, May 2009 in Vancouver.

2009 July 13 - Chris interviewed on SciFi Wire

New Moon's vampire 'Marcus' reveals sequel details

2009 May 19 - Virtual SGA Season 6 link posted

Fans have banded together to create a Virtual SGA Season 6

2009-04-19 - About Marcus in New Moon

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Vampire burgundy
Physical description: Marcus has very pale skin that is almost translucent.
It’s similar to onion skin. His hair is very long and jet black. When he moves, it appears as if he is floating.
Family members: Leader of the Volturi along with Caius and Aro.
Source: Twilight Lexicon

2009-04-14 - Chris cast in New Moon

Chris has been cast as Marcus, one of the Volturi vampire leaders
Christopher Heyerdahl has definitely connected with some great fandoms: Stargate Atlantis (Todd the Wraith), Supernatural (Alastair v.2), Sanctuary (John Druitt/Bigfoot), and now Twilight.

Marcus will be his third time playing a vampire - the first one was Nosferatu in 1993 in an episode of "Are you afraid of the Dark?", the second one was Arthur in 1997 in an episode of "The Hunger".

Chris was a last minute addition at Creation's SG-1/SGA convention in Vancouver on April 2 - 5

2009-04-08 - Chris nominated for a LEO

For his role as John Druitt/Bigfoot in Sanctuary - Revelations Part 2, Chris has been nominated in the category Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series. Read More on Leoawards.com

2009-03-03 - Chris in Stargate magazine: ”Creepy? Moi?”

Stargate magazine cover There's an interview with Chris in the latest issue of
The Official Stargate magazine, issue #27:
As the Athosian Halling, actor Christopher Heyerdahl never gave any hint of the creepy within – and then Todd came along. In the latest issue, the man behind everyone’s favorite Wraith talks about his multi-dimensional character: “I’ve always said that Todd feels a brother in Sheppard. And Sheppard is the kind of guy that won’t acknowledge it publicly. He said things when they spent time together in that little cell that he would only say in private. In public, Sheppard’s always saying, “I don’t like that guy, I don’t trust that guy.” He protests too much – he’s Lady Macbeth, right?” US issue for sale February 24.

Sanctuary will be relased on DVD in the UK on March 3rd, 2009

2009-03-02 - Cadavres premieres:

Cadavres by director Eric Canuel (of "Bon Cop, Bad Cop" fame) finally opend in Quebec on February 20th.
Review at Northernstars.ca
Viewers reviews at Cinoche.com
Looks like it's a "you either hate it or love it" movie.

Added on the link page:
Official site for Cadavres - Chris pops up several times in the trailer.

2009-03-01 - New convention for Chris:

I've listed another new convention for Chris on the main page - Wolf Haven One in London in October.

I've also added two Supernatural episodes on the resumé page.
You get a few glimpses of Chris in the trailer at Supernatural on the CW


I've listed a new convention for Chris on the main page - Shoreleave 31 in Baltimore in July.

I've also added a Contact page.
I have no idea whether Chris responds to fan mail, but I figure it's worth a try.


The first photos from Pegasus 4 have been posted in the fan picture gallery


Fresh Supernatural Spoiler from sources who were at Pegasus 4:
Chris will play Alistair in two episodes of Supernatural!
You know - the demon who tortured Dean in Hell ...

Another bit of news from P4:
Chris has joined the intergalactically famous Jedi Master Chefs!
Hopefully pictures later.

I added a video page - so far only two clips, but there are quite a few Todd and Druitt clips to chose from so it could be a while I decide ....


And so Stargate Atlantis ends :-(
But while not as long a run as Stargate SG-1, 5 years is still more than most shows get.
Chris Heyerdahl was in the first episode and the last, and lots in between - 22 in total which amounts to a full season). He played Halling in the premiere episode, and he played Todd in the finale, and during the five seasons, he repeated both characters, plus played a bunch of anonymous wraiths.
And while Halling was a human, it was as the wraith Todd he spawned multiple fan sites and groups and lists. Gotta love an interesting bad guy!

Site Updates:
Updated the resume and added a bunch of wraith links.

News - slightly old, but ...
In October 2008, Scifi announced that they were renewing Sanctuary for 13 more episodes - production begins early 2009.
Source: Zap2it.com


Christopher Heyerdahl will be a guest at the Wolf Pegasus 4 Convention, taking place January 23-25, 2009 at the London Thistle Hotel.
With these five guests, Wolf might as well call it Sanctuary One!
Other guests are Kavan Smith (Major Lorne), Paul McGillion (Beckett), Chuck Campbell (Chuck)and James Bamford (aka Bam Bam, Stunt co-ordinater).
The guests will be there, work permitting.


40 Behind-the-scenes photos from Stargate Atlantis - from LA Times Backlot.
Photos by David Strick.

Christopher Heyerdahl has a 3 page interview in the May/June 2008 issue of
Stargate SG-1/Atlantis The Official Magazine (#22). If you can't find it in your local shops, try Titan Magazines UK or Titan Magazines US. You NEED this magazine - the Wraith Todd is a centerfold poster!

Heyerdahl on Todd: “He's no dumb bunny, that is for sure.”

Added a Le Femme Nikita gallery with 4 pictures.
Added 7 more photos to the Andromeda gallery


Christopher Heyerdahl did an interview January 2008 on GateWorld. You can both read a transcript and download it as a 38 minute long mp3 file.

Watch a scene from Blue, Smallville Ep 7x08 on YouTube where Chris plays Zor-El.


Since Christopher Heyerdahl's height is an obvious trait of his, I have been trying to verify it since there are different heights listed.
  • 2,01 meters (6'7") - IMDB.com
  • 1,92 meters - TV.com
  • 1,93 meter (6'4") - Agent's website
Today, a reliable source has pronounced a winner: The Agent!
The loser: IMDB.
Not a big surprise really ;-)
The agent ought to know his client better than IMDB does.


Added a page/gallery for Sanctuary where Chris Heyerdahl stars as John Druitt. The webisodes are set to appear in March 2007.


Added Stargate Atlantis 3x02 and 3x07 and Masters of Horror 2x11 to the filmography.


Added Stargate Atlantis 3x01 to the filmography.
Chris's Wraith debut.


Added a Guestbook
Added Psych 1x01 to the filmography.
And a bit of old news I just found: Chris won a Leo for Best Male Guest Star, playing Jan van der Heyden on The Collector, episode 3x12, "The Alchymist".


Added Dead Zone 5x03 to the TV section of the résumé
The two previous entries were Saved 1x01 and Whistler 1x09(airing later this summer).


Added two new entries to the TV section of the résumé


Added 2 images to the Fan Gallery

"The Wraith character will probably be played by actor Christopher Heyerdahl, who is playing a number of different Wraith this year, Wright said. Heyerdahl also plays the Athosian Halling on Atlantis, as well as Pallan in the SG-1 Season Seven episode "Revisions."
Source: Executive producer Brad Wright, in an interview with GateWorld.net.

After fighting the wraith, he's going to be one himself!


Added a John Doe Gallery.


Added two new headshots.


Added a Peacekeeper Gallery.


Kamataki, the latest movie to feature Heyerdahl, will air at
The 12th annual Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival,
Jan 27 - Feb 5,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Fri 27 Jan, Star Cinema, 7 pm
Sat 28 Jan, Empire Theatre Capitol 6, 6:45 pm
Producer Yuri Yoshimura will be in attendance.


Heyerdahl has been in Hungary, filming an episode of a Canadian TV series .....


Christopherheyerdahl.com uploaded.

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