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Chris Heyerdahl Merchandise

Aside from Chris' work on DVD, there's not a lot of stuff to buy - except a few magazines. There's a wraith action figure from DiamondsSelectToys - but sadly, it's not Todd.
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Volturi Crest Necklace:
Amazon sells prop replicas of Marcus' Volturi Crest Necklace
Supernatural magazine 14

2010, January:
The Official Supernatural Magazine, issue #14:

Pit Boss: Christopher Heyerdahl on playing readers’ favorite and Hell’s grand inquisitor, Alastair.
Available from Titanmagazines.co.uk - or com

2009, February: The Official Stargate magazine, issue #27:
Creepy? Moi?
As the Athosian Halling, actor Christopher Heyerdahl never gave any hint of the creepy within – and then Todd came along. In the latest issue, the man behind everyone’s favorite Wraith talks about his multi-dimensional character: “I’ve always said that Todd feels a brother in Sheppard. And Sheppard is the kind of guy that won’t acknowledge it publicly. He said things when they spent time together in that little cell that he would only say in private. In public, Sheppard’s always saying, “I don’t like that guy, I don’t trust that guy.” He protests too much – he’s Lady Macbeth, right?”
Available from visimag.com

2008, October: Cult Times #157:
From the Internet to your TV screen, Christopher Heyerdahl chats about playing John Druitt, better known as Jack the Ripper, in the new Sci-Fi series about a place where society's outcasts can find a home…

2008, May/June: The Official Stargate Magazine #22:
Chris Heyerdahl on the benefits of being a wraith. 3 page interview PLUS centerfold poster of Todd, with the wraith queen on the reverse side.
Sympathy for the Devil
Actor Chris Heyerdahl kicked off season one of Stargate: Atlantis as the benevolent Athosian Halling, but later shifted gears by transforming into the conniving and deadly Wraith known as Todd. The Vancouver native talks walking the walk, mind-boggling make-up, and the benefits of being a Wraith: “There’s a certain drive, a feeling of pride and purpose with the Wraith, which lends itself to how they move, and how they speak and engage with their own kind and quarry.”
Available from visimag.com

2003, October: Cult Times #97:
Half page interview written by Steven Eramo
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