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Christopher Heyerdahl links

The Official Christopher Heyerdahl website

Old home of this fan site, now Chris' official site - once the new design goes up.

Fan Groups

Christopher Heyerdahl community on spruz - with forum, photos and videos. It's another name for ChristopherHeyerdahl.net.
The webmaster of CH.net has posted a lot of great clips with Chris on youtube - look for videos by afansitewebmaster

Christopher Heyerdahl Fan group on Facebook

Christopher Heyerdahl on Wikipedia

Sanctuary Links

Official site: SanctuaryForAll.com
Stage3 Media the company behind Sanctuary

Official site on SciFi: Sanctuary - with video clips, wall papers and more!

Official Sanctuary page on Facebook

SanctuaryFans.com and SanctuaryFans.com Forum

Sanctuary France

Yahoo Sanctuary discussion group

Sanctuary on the TWoP forum

Sanctuary Fans on MySpace

Stargate Atlantis and Wraith links

SGA - The Lost Season - fans working together to create a virtual season six

Todd the Wraith Fan Group on Facebook

Todd the Wraith has a site on MySpace!

Good Wraith - the Todd Fanlisting

Todd Nation - the site behaves strangely, but you might be able to access it ...

Welcome to the Hive - a thread on the forum at SciFi.com

Christopher Heyerdahl/Todd/Halling/Palin Thunk & Admiration Thread a thread on the Gateworld Forum, more than 22 pages, dating back to August 2006.

Wraith Defenders Club - a thread on the Gateworld Forum, more than 891 pages, dating back to September 2006.

Todd the Wraith appreciation thread - another thread on Gateworld, more than 186 pages, dating back to March 2008

Wikipedia on Wraith

The Wraith Archives - fan fiction

You can even find wraith skins for Sims 2 .... and a Todd the Wraith Bag!

Movie websites

Sadly, Kamatakimovie.com is no more :-(
Official site for Cadavres-lefilm.com

TV websites

TheCollectorTV.com - Heyerdahl guest starred in one episode and won a Leo for the role.


2008 September 25: Interview on CinemaSpy.ca - about 'Sanctuary', 'Stargate', humanizing villains and supporting Canadian film.

2008 January: Interview on GateWorld - Ace of Wraith. You can read a transcript and also download it as a 38 minute long mp3 file.

2005 September 17: Tony Tellado of SciFiTalk does a podcast interview with Christopher Heyerdahl


Gateworld Omnipedia about Todd - the wraith, and Halling - both played by Heyerdahl.

Emma aka TV Junkie's Pegasus 4 report with lots of great details.

Theatre Related links

the Great Canadian Theatre Company,

The Shakespearean Stratford Festival of Canada

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