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Christopher Heyerdahl

A small biography

Sorry, but I haven't been able to find a lot of info about him ... including his birthday, so William, stop asking ;-)

Parents: Mother Scottish, father Norwegian.
Born: In the mountains of British Columbia, making him a first generation Canadian.
Languages: English (of course), French, Norwegian

And yes, he's a relative of Thor Heyerdahl - the explorer is his father's cousin.


Height: 6'4", 1,93 meter - he will probably never get to act alongside Tom Cruise ;-)
This height has been verified by Christopher Heyerdahl himself and is the height listed on his agent's website - and they should be the experts.


Loves his DVDs and his motorcycle, scuba diving, snowboarding and skiing.


Heyerdahl has been a professional actor for more than 25 years on both stage, screen and radio and has worked all over the world - Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.
Sorry, I have no info about his radio work.


Heyerdahl has worked a number of years at the Shakespearean Stratford Festival in Ontario.
He is/was a Member of Pigeons International, an internationally acclaimed physical theatre troupe.
He has been based in Montreal over the last decade.


About "Kingdom Hospital":
"I played the character [of Reverend Jimmy Criss] completely straight. He saw the soul - didn't judge anybody."
"Irreverence is great!"

About "Into the West":
"Saddlesores!" "It was shot in the backwoods of Alberta and the shooting experienced amazing storms, mudpits, horses freaking out, wagons falling over, and crossing the river we had some pretty hairy moments. It was on the edge of true realism!"

About "Stargate Atlantis":
It was a familiar set since part of it had been used on "Blade: Trinity".

About vampires:
"I've been a fan of vampires since I was a little kid. I've always wanted to play a cowboy and a vampire - those are the two things I've always wanted to play. I've done a cowboy, and I've actually done a vampire once before - I played Nosferatu."


2005 - a Howie Award for his portrayal of H.P. Lovecraft in the movie "Out of Mind".
2006 - a LEO award for his guest role on The Collector, episode 3x12, The Alchemist.
He played the alchemist Jan van der Heyden.
2009 - nominated for a LEO for Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for: "Sanctuary", ep "Revelations Part 2" where he played John Druitt and Jack the Ripper.
2010 - won a LEO for Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for "Sanctuary", episode "Haunted" where he played both Bigfoot and John Druitt.


He's been in two kingdoms: "Kingdom Hospital" and "India: Kingdom of the Tiger".

He's worked with director Eric Canuel 4 times.

Has played at least 2 Nazis, Ernst Kaltenbrunner in 'Nuremberg' and Marius Franken in 'Varian's War'. Franken is ficticious, Kaltenbrunner, tragically, was not.

Christopher wanted to be a psychologist before deciding to pursue acting.
Source: tv.com

14 November 2011

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